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March 10 2018

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Tips For Success In The Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry offers a wealth of exciting job opportunities for people who are interested in travel and who embrace the challenge of working with many different types of people, both as colleagues and as customers. Many people find management to be an especially rewarding career. The following are a few tips for anyone who is entering the field of hotel management.

Get Plenty Of Education And Experience

Although a college degree is not necessarily required, a degree in hotel and restaurant management will make any prospective manager more competitive. But education shouldn't stop on graduation day. The best managers take advantage of opportunities for professional development as well as on-the-job experience. In addition, the best managers know at least a little bit about every job in the hotel. Spending time with different staff members to learn about their jobs and their concerns will create strong relationships and earn employees' respect.

Hire A Great Staff And Trust Them To Do Their Jobs

Hiring good people is another key to success in the hospitality industry. A good manager will hire people not only for their relevant experience but also for their personality traits, like their enthusiasm for the work and their desire to serve customers. Once a good staff is in place, a good leader allows them to do their jobs without excessive oversight or micro-managing. It also helps to show appreciation for hard-working staff by offering rewards and incentives.

Focus On Guests And Keep Them Happy

The best hotel managers care about guests' satisfaction and encourage employees to go the extra mile in responding to requests or needs. This might mean being flexible with room assignments, offering extra amenities, or simply learning guests' names and personal information. When guests have a positive experience and feel a personal connection to the hotel staff, they are likely to write positive reviews, recommend the hotel to others, and come back for future visits. Providing surveys on paper or by email is another great way to learn about guests' experiences and how they can be improved.

Keep An Eye On The Big Picture

A good manager needs to understand how well the hotel is performing at all times. One way of doing this is to utilize hotel management software that offers a bird's-eye view of sales over a long period of time. With the software available at mingus software, for example, hotel managers can view a wide range of performance indicators in addition to simplifying online booking. See mingus-software.com for more information.

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